Performance für zwei Schauspieler (Sonja Vilc, Gregor Moder) einen Musiker(Guido Saremba - git) und Publikum.
De.Kons ist eine explosive Mischung aus DaDa, konkreter Poesie, liguistischer Theorien und good-old-clowning. De.Kons ist inspiriert von Avantgarde-Tradition und comedia dell´Arte.

De.Kons is physical theater and a play with language. The whole vocabulary of clownish characters who fight for a cube, secretly make love behind a cylinder, are afraid of the man sitting in the front row, chase the cello player and juggle with the plastic balls, is made from a single sentence obtained from the audience.
The performers playfully deconstruct the sentence into pieces and form a new language in the course of the show. De.kons poses a simple question: are you sure you speak your own language? With its freshness, improvisational originality and direct contact with the audience, De.Kons has already won hearts of many, at home and abroad.